A Commitment to Praxis

In 2014  I made the a decision to step away from a career in community development and disaster resilience building in order to move to Melbourne and commence a PhD with the Centre for Cultural Partnerships at the Victorian College for the Arts, Melbourne University.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration of my practice-based PhD research into craftivism and the political moment. It is my hope that it will act not just as a public tool for sharing my work, documenting my practice and  for reflection but as a site for mediating experience and making meaning; An intersection of theory and practice.

Hopefully, in its own small way this blog will act as an artwork in and of itself, an artwork whose value, like that of any other, lies in its –

“power to prompt us to share experiences, worlds, beliefs, and differences.” ¹

So welcome to my world and welcome to my practice. Please explore this space and feel encouraged to respond, interact and collaborate with me.


Self portrait, (2016) 47cm x 36cm

¹Bolla, Peter De. Art Matters (Cambridge & London: Harvard University Press, 2001), 15.