A call from the PM’s office!


Two days after formally being announced the winner of this latest election I got a call for Malcolm Turnbull’s office to say that he had seen the PM Please quilt and was happy to accepts the gift. The comment from him that was passed onto me was that he appreciated the thought and effort that went into making the quilt.

I will be borrowing the work back in order to exhibit it in a few upcoming shows, then I will return it to Turnbull. I wonder what he is going to do with it?

I’m hoping that he might write me a letter that I can hang alongside the quilt when it’s exhibited.

Needless to say I’m really happy to have finally got the quilt to the PM and I hope that it gives him food for thought at this early stage of his new term in office.


On the 3oth of June 2016, two days before the 2016 July election I went into the Sydney office of Malcolm Turnbull and handed the PM Please quilt to his reception staff. They said that he should see it within the next fortnight and that they will ask him to respond to the work. I also sent him a letter (via email) to accompany the work. In it I asked him to loan the quilt back so that I can exhibit it in the coming months as several different galleries/venues which have shown an interest.

It is now a week since the election and we still are not sure what the outcome has been and whether Turnbull will still be the PM… I’m guessing he is busy/stressed so perhaps I’ll have to wait a little longer to hear back from him. However, as soon as I do I will share Turnbull’s response with all of you.

Thanks again to all those who participated in this project by sending in your message to Turnbull. I hope he will take the time to read through the 121 messages  hand embroidered onto the quilt and consider each one carefully.

Kind regards,




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