Ilka White – Textile

Ilka White is a visual artist who works in textiles and sculpture. she is also a socially engaged practitioner, who works with community groups and other artists to create work.

Ilka White1

Her website states that “In 2000 she undertook a Churchill fellowship, learning from weavers of traditional textiles in Indonesia, India, Nepal and Bhutan. This journey strengthened her appreciation for work that grows directly from the maker’s history, place and cultural identity.

Direct engagement with the natural world (and the forces at work therein) is central to Ilka’s making process. Her current work explores relationships between the mind, body, time and place, and questions the separation of these elements. She has traveled into Central Australia to produce work in response to Newhaven station bird reserve and walked 3 weeks with a group of artists in far South West Victoria to further her immersive approach to art making.”

Ilka White2

One of her projects which I am particularly interested in is the AFGHAN SUZANI PROJECT which was a “collaborative embroidery produced with the Fitzroy and Collingwood Afghani Women’s Group.
 Initiated by Marion Crooke, with funding from the Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Collingwood” which Ilka White facilitated. Unfortunately there isn’t much information about this project online, but since I’m in Melbourne I cam do a little bit of further investigation in person!  

To see more visit Ilka White’s website here


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