Marxism2014 -The Trouble With Utopia


This Easter long weekend I attended a 4 day conference titled Marxism2014, this conference is an annual event hosted at Melbourne University’s Parkville campus by the Socialist Alternative, a revolutionary socialist organisation with a somewhat notorious reputation.

Having only just moved to Melbourne, I decided to attend this conference because for a long time I have been frustrated with Australian politics but to date I have not in any organised or formal way made any attempts to become politically active. I consider myself to be a left-wing humanist and a social democrat and so I saw this conference as an opportunity to explore and test my political ideas and values against those of my left-wing peers.

I found this event really challenging both in positive and negative ways which I have tried to articulate in a reflection piece titled “The Trouble With Utopia”. You can read this reflection by clicking on this link:  Marxism2014-final and for those of you who do read it, I am really interested in your thoughts so please leave a comment or alternately you can write to me.



2 thoughts on “Marxism2014 -The Trouble With Utopia

  1. Excellent write.

    Have to say I worry when people talkj about ending cycles of “dis-empowerment and dependence”. Being on DSP myself I know that both sides of politics use that line as an excuse to send you out job hunting ready or not – and the powers that be refuse to take into account non-moneymaking activities like music, art and writing.

    The left fractures and factionalises in ways the right simply doesn’t because the right has one overpowering goal – make more money – whilst the people on the left have millions of goals and agendas, and they do seem intolerant of people that don’t fit nicely into each of their precious positions. The International Socialists were like that in the eighties as well.- and seemed to go out of their way to alienate fellow-travelers at every opportunity.

    Heaven knows what the answer is – I vote Green and for anyone but the majors and hope for the best.

    • Thanks for your response Phillip, I voted for the greens too (not that it did much good in my state at the time – QLD). Good point about the Right having money to galvanise them, I hadn’t quite thought of it that way.

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