On Praxis

“Martin Heidegger argues that it is not consciousness that forms the basis of our understanding. He proposes that we do not come to know the world theoretically through contemplative knowledge in the first instance. Rather, we come to know the world theoretically, only after we have come to understand it through handling. Thus, it is only through use that we gain access to the world. Heidegger makes this distinction between theoretical conception and praxical understanding clear when he argues that it is through active use, we establish original relations with things.”¹

¹ Bolt, B. (2004). Heidegger, Handlability and Praxical Knowldege. ACUADS Annual Conference. Canberra: 1 http://acuads.com.au/static/files/assets/8465f703/bolt.pdf accessed on 21/03/2014